Are you engaged?

Since launching our brand new website earlier this year, we’ve been seeing increased engagement with members logging into their account, posting in the member community, and commenting and sharing posts in the feed.

What’s the member community, you ask?

If you haven’t logged in to the member community, you’re missing out on a great member benefit and a way to engage with CAI without leaving your home or office.

CAI’s member community is your place to share information, ask questions, and assist fellow members with their questions. It’s similar to the national CAI Exchange, but on a more local level. There’s a whole conversation taking place in the member community! There are two forums you can join – a general Keystone Members Community Forum and a High Rise Buildings Community Forum. Login to the website today and join the conversation!

By the way, while you’re logged in, be sure to check your member profile and make sure your address and phone numbers are up to date!

CLICK HERE to login to your account.