Educated Business Partners

Learn how to differentiate yourself in the competitive community association marketplace.

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CAI Educated Business Partners

CAI Business Partners are indispensable to the community associations they support with their guidance, products and services. CAI education helps these businesses and professionals differentiate themselves in the competitive community association marketplace. Business Partner Essentials is a course to help CAI-member product and service providers better understand CAI, community associations and the industry at large. Individuals who pass the course and maintain CAI membership earn the CAI Educated Business Partner distinction, gaining special recognition among thousands of companies and professionals who support common-interest communities—accountants, attorneys, bankers, insurance professionals, landscapers, painters, reserve specialists, software providers and many others. The chapter offers the course in person once or twice each year. Visit the online calendar for the next upcoming program date. The course can also be taken online from our national website.

Keystone Chapter Educated Business Partners

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