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Resources for Local Government & Realtors

A collection of resources for realtors, local government entities and related professional organizations and associations.

Resources for Realtors & Local Government Officials

One of the ways CAI tries build better communities is by improving the communication and relationship between community associations and local government entities and related professional organizations and associations. CAI’s volunteer experts are available to present educational programs and webinars on the creation, governance and management of community associations to local government bodies including the zoning board, planning commission, or elected councils and commissioners. CAI also presents educational programs to Realtors.

Click here to download our Introduction to Community Associations document to better familiarize yourself with the nature and function of community associations in Pennsylvania

Transition to Homeowner Control

Transition is a term that describe the general process by which the control and responsibilities of the governing board of a condominium, cooperative or homeowners association (collectively referred to as community associations) are transferred from the developer to homeowners in the community.

Although it includes the assumption of the obligation to maintain the physical assets for which the association is responsible and is often viewed only in that narrow context, the transition process is much broader in scope and includes the following:

  • Transfer of governance
  • Acceptance of the common property
  • Accounting for funds.

Transition is not a single event, such as the election of a homeowner-controlled governing board or the execution of a settlement agreement regarding construction defects in the common property. It is a multi-stage process of many events taking place over a period of time and involves multiple stakeholders, including representatives from the municipal government in which a community association is located.

Learn more about transition by downloading Community Associations in Your Township – Transition to Homeowner Control.

Resources For Realtors

CAI is available to engage with local Realtor associations, brokerages, and agents in a variety of ways including presenting educational programs and webinars and producing documents related to community associations. If you are interested in speaking with CAI about how we can assist real estate professionals like you, please visit our Contact Us page.  More resources for Realtors can be found on our national site at this link.

Understanding the Resale Disclosure Certificate

The Resale Certificate is a critical and often misunderstood component in any real estate transaction involving a planned community home or condominium or co-op unit. Learn more about the Resale Disclosure Certificate by downloading this brief guide created by CAI’s Government & Professional Affairs Committee.

CAI’s Gold Star Community Recognition Program

CAI’s Gold Star Community program recognizes those communities that work hard to develop and maintain standards, encourage community participation, maintain fiscal stability, and positively impact the quality of life for residents.

Homeowners and managers alike believe this program is an excellent way to evaluate policies and procedures, and assure that their community operates within basic industry standards.

Click here to learn more about CAI’s Gold Star Community Program.