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Refer a friend

Benefitting from your CAI Keystone membership? Tell a friend and gain the benefits of our Refer a Friend program.

Let’s get straight to the point. Refer a friend to join CAI Keystone for your chance to win each month. The more of your prospects that join the chapter the better your chances of earning points and winning!

Did you know that the number one way to attract new members into an organization like CAI is when existing members tell them about their positive experiences?

Meet our 2023 Recruiter Rewards Sponsor. 

We’ve teamed up with business partner member Alliance Association Bank in an exciting way! Alliance has signed on as our exclusive 2023 Recruiter Rewards sponsor. They have joined the team and look forward to rewarding our top recruiters with us!

Click here to visit Alliance Association Bank on the web.

Members earn points each time you refer a qualified prospect and when your prospect joins. The recruiter with the most points each month will win a $50 Amazon gift card. The recruiter with the most points by November 15th wins the $500 cash grand prize presented at our Annual Excellence Awards Gala! If you’re benefitting from your CAI membership, tell a friend, or us! Refer your new member contacts to us and we’ll do all the work.

Send Us Your Recruits

Send us your qualified prospects and CAI will do the recruiting for you. A qualified prospect is defined as:

  • Must be an elected board member in a community association, community association manager, management company or business partner that serves the community association market.
  • Cannot have been a member of the Keystone Chapter for the previous 2 years.
  • Homeowners from community associations that are already members do not count.

Have questions? Reach out to Amanda Henderson, Manager of Membership & Marketing, via phone at 267-367-5472 or via email: amanda@caikeystone.org

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Keystone CAI Members - use this form to refer friends and colleagues who you believe would benefit from membership in CAI. CAI Staff will follow up with your prospects! You can only refer one friend / prospective member at a time but you may submit this form repeatedly.

Please tell us about someone who would benefit from membership with the Keystone Chapter of CAI. We'll reach to to them and if they join, you'll receive credit and an entry for a chance to win!
Which member type best describes your friend?
Make sure you get credit! Complete the information below and tell your prospect / friend to include your name on their membership application as the person who referred them when they join CAI!

Recruit New Members in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1

Identify Your Prospects

Everyone knows potential members who would benefit by joining CAI Keystone.

  • Community Associations in  your neighborhood or where friends and family live
  • Community managers or management companies that are not members
  • Professionals and contractors who serve your community association
Step 1

Step 2

Familiarize Yourself with Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership are many. Certain benefits are more important to different types of members. Familiarize yourself with these benefits by visiting these links:

Benefits of Membership for Community Associations

Benefits of Membership for Managers

Benefits of Membership for Management Companies

Benefits of Membership for Business Partners

Step 2

Step 3

Give a Testimonial

You’ve benefited from membership in CAI Keystone, so share your positive experience with your prospects. First hand success stories are key to convincing others to join.

Step 3

Step 4

Provide Contacts to CAI

Once you’ve identified and spoken with prospective members, share your prospects’ contact info with CAI so we can follow up and amplify your message about membership. Send your prospects to Amanda Henderson, Manager of Membership and Marketing at CAI at amanda@caikeystone.org.

Step 4

Step 5

Follow Up

A few weeks after your initial contact, follow up with prospects, answer their questions, and encourage them to join, or confirm that they have joined CAI.

Step 5

Contest Rules:

  • Must be an active CAI Keystone member to participate. 
  • Recruiters receive credit for new memberships only. Renewed memberships and new board members added to an existing membership are not eligible for recruiter credit.
  • To receive recruiter credit, new members must provide recruiter information on membership application, via the online join process or hard copy application, or recruiter and/or new member may reach out via email to amanda@caikeystone.org with details of referral.