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Contribute informative, educational content to CAI's magazine or blog.

Write for Community Assets or the CAI Blog

CAI’s bi-monthly magazine, Community Assets, is packed with useful articles and information for those who read this publication. This website blog also includes short, timely articles on topics important to the membership. CAI relies on subject matter experts within our membership to provide this content. Writing an article for the chapter provides a great amount of exposure to the CAI membership. If you would like to submit an article, please follow these guidelines in order to help maintain the publication’s high standards and assure that the information presented is of interest to the chapter membership.

Guidelines for Authors


We cannot accept articles deemed to be promotional in nature. Authors may not promote their business, upcoming seminars, or products that the company produces or sells. Articles will be followed by a brief bio, edited by the publisher, which will include information about the author and the author’s business.


Acceptance of articles by CAI implies certain conditions, specifically:

  • Community Assets is an informational magazine and articles submitted for publication should be fact-based, as opposed to op-ed pieces.
  • CAI reserves the right to print the article more than once and / or use it on the blog and in electronic communications if it deems it appropriate.
  • Acceptance of an article by CAI is not a guarantee that it will be published in print or online.
  • By submitting an article, you are representing that said article is an original piece of work written by you or others in your organization and that you have the right to submit the materials. CAI relies upon your representation as fulfillment of its responsibility to exercise diligence in the acceptance of materials.

Prior to submitting an article for publication in print or online, please review and sign the Guidelines for Authors and email the document to the chapter staff.

Publication Schedule and Deadlines

Community Assets is published six times each year, on the following schedule:

January/February Issue – articles due by December 1

March/April Issue – articles due by February 1

May/June – articles due by April 1

July/August – articles due by June 1

September/October – articles due by August 1

November/December – articles due by October 1

Article submissions will only be accepted electronically and according to the specifications on the Guidelines for Authors document. Articles for the blog can be submitted for consideration at any time. All articles should be sent to Mike Shaw, Manager of Communications & Programs.