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Member Services

Volunteer Opportunities

Speak, write, plan events and more. Contribute to CAI as a chapter volunteer.

Become a volunteer

Do you have a desire to contribute to CAI? To support your profession and enhance your career? To improve the world of community associations and gain recognition within the CAI community of members?

CAI’s mission is fulfilled through education, advocacy and other programs that would not be possible without the support of over 130 members who volunteer with CAI. Volunteer service helps CAI achieve strategic goals and objectives and provides members with opportunities to meet and network with colleagues, and participate in a meaningful way in the organization. In fact, 92% of our chapter volunteers have said volunteering with the chapter has been a meaningful experience that makes them want to remain engaged with CAI. Community Association Managers who volunteer with the Keystone Chapter can also earn credit hours for the CMCA Recertification Application. Check the CAMICB website for more details.

The chapter offers various volunteer opportunities on many chapter committees and regional councils. Volunteers assist with the following activities:

  • Writing articles and organizing content for our chapter magazine and blog
  • Selecting speakers and topics for educational sessions
  • Organizing social events and golf outings
  • Recruiting new members and helping to retain existing members
  • Organizing regional programs in the Poconos, New Jersey, and Central Pennsylvania
  • Serving as a New Member Ambassador

Scroll down for a list of committees with a short description of each.

Become a CAI New Member Ambassador. The goal of the New Member Ambassador Program is to welcome new members, encourage members to become more active, strengthen member engagement, and increase member retention. Click here for more information including qualifications to serve as a New Member Ambassador. Ambassadors will become members of the Member Engagement Committee. 

Ad hoc volunteering: Not interested in making a yearlong commitment to serve on a committee? Keystone Helping Hands are volunteers willing to occasionally lend a hand at Keystone CAI events or with special projects. Volunteering for a committee is not required and there will be no regular meetings! Sign up using the Volunteer with  CAI Keystone button.


Resources for Chapter Volunteers

Scroll down to review the list and description of each committee and council. All committee volunteers are required to attend the chapter’s annual Volunteer Kickoff Retreat event held in early January.

Before nominating yourself to join a committee, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the following committee policies and expectations:


Members who have been confirmed as a volunteer for 2024 are required to sign the Chapter Volunteer Statement of Expectations, which can be found below. Click on the down arrow to open the form, review the expectations, and electronically submit your completed form.

Committee Volunteer Statement of Expectations Acknowledgement

Committee Volunteer Statement of Expectations Acknowledgement

Chapter Volunteers Statement of Expectations

The Keystone Chapter of Community Associations Institute has adopted this Statement of Expectations for all chapter volunteers who serve on the board, and any council or committee of the chapter. Each volunteer is required to sign this statement on an annual basis.


Chapter volunteers are expected to remain a member in good standing of CAI and the chapter, as defined in the chapter by-laws, throughout the course of his or her term of service.

Conflict of Interest

Chapter board members shall comply with the conflict of interest policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and stricter policies as may be established by the Chapter.

Meeting & Program Attendance

Each volunteer shall comply with the applicable attendance requirements outlined in the chapter’s governing documents including the bylaws, regional council charters and/or the chapter committee policy including policies concerning registration fees for program attendance by volunteers.

Program Participation

Each volunteer shall actively contribute to the work of the council or committee of which he or she is a member and participate according to the duties outlined in the committee description statement or the regional council charter.

Resignation or Removal

All Committee volunteers, by virtue of their decision to join a committee, are expected to attend committee meetings. An excused absence from a meeting is permitted in cases where the volunteer notifies the Vice Chair not less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the meeting, in writing, of their inability to attend the meeting and said absence is for a legitimate reason. The notification must identify the basis for the absence. Failure to
designate a basis for the absence will be considered unexcused. The Committee Chair will determine whether an absence is excused or not excused. Examples of excused absences include, but are not limited to: medical emergencies, family emergencies, personal emergencies, court orders, and prescheduled meetings of which the Committee Chair has been advised.

If a Committee member misses three (3) consecutive meetings in the course of one year based on unexcused absences, that Committee member may be removed from the Committee and prohibited from serving on any committee for a period of one (1) year. All attempts should be made by Chapter staff, the Committee Chair, and Committee Vice-Chair to prevent these sanctions.

Reimbursement of Expenses

No volunteer shall be compensated for serving as a volunteer; provided, however, that the chapter may
reimburse any volunteer for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred as budgeted and authorized by the chapter executive director in advance of the expenditure of funds.

Limitations on Authority

In order to administer and coordinate the work of committees, and to control legal exposure and manage any liability associated with the work of any committee, as well as to protect chapter volunteers, the chapter has adopted limitations on the authority of committees, committee chairs and committee members. Each volunteer shall observe these limitations on authority.

Please enter your member information below:


Chapter volunteers – log in to see information, minutes and documents pertaining to your committee. You’ll need your email address and password to log in.

Working together, we will continue to provide dynamic, exciting and educational programs for the community association world! The chapter also has adopted a Whistleblower Policy which chapter volunteers are encouraged to review.

List of Committees & Councils

Here’s a brief description of our committees, what they do and when they meet. Be sure to select a committee that matches your own interests, skills and schedule.

Annual Conference & Expo Committee

Plan and promote our chapter’s Annual Conference & Expo, known as Community Live! Help with tasks such as education session topic and speaker selection, recruitment of exhibitors and sponsors, scheduling of events and volunteering on the day of the big event. Committee meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 9:00 AM.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for promoting the chapter awards program and planning the annual awards gala in conjunction with chapter staff. The Awards Committee shall develop the annual awards program, recruit nominees for each award, and assist the chapter staff with planning the details of the awards gala. Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday at 9:30 AM.

Business Partners Council

Develop and promote educational and networking programs and services that will enhance the value of membership for business partner members and help increase membership among this member type. Committee meets monthly on the first Tuesday at 9:30 AM.

Communications & Content Committee

Although this committee helps plan and publish Community Assets magazine as well as develop content for our blog and podcasts, you don’t have to be a writer to be  a member! In fact, the primary job of members of this committee is helping to identify topics for articles and finding authors among our membership to write those articles, and recruiting presenters to record podcasts. Little to no actual writing is required! Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday at 11:00 AM.

Golf Tournament Committee

Help plan our annual golf tournament to make it a fun and successful event, including site selection, recruiting golfers and selling sponsorships. Committee meets 5-6 times per year from Spring to Fall on Wednesday mornings. 

Gold Star Community Recognition Committee

Promote CAI’s award winning community recognition program and judge Gold Star entries. Committee meets on an as-needed basis approximately 6 times per year. 

Homeowner Leaders Committee

Join fellow homeowner leader members to help develop educational programs for condo and HOA board members, committee volunteers, and residents and help design policy templates to share with member community associations. Committee meets bi-monthly on the fourth Tuesday, generally, at 10:00 AM. 

Keystone Executive Leadership Retreat Committee

The Keystone Executive Leadership Retreat is a high-level education and networking event targeted to management company CEOs, senior staff and large scale community managers held in the Fall. This committee develops the educational content for the event, assist with site selection, and sponsor and attendee recruitment. Committee meets monthly on the first Thursday, generally, at 8:30 AM. 

LAC Ladies on the Links Golf Committee

This committee plans and promotes the Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee’s major fundraising event each year – the Ladies on the Links Golf Tournament! Join this committee to help plan this fun and engaging event – including sponsor and attendee recruitment and planning event details –  while raising critical funds necessary to the advocacy mission of CAI. 

Managers Committee

Plan and promote education symposiums, webinars and networking opportunities for managers. Administers manager scholarship programs and assists in recruiting managers to join CAI. Managers only, please! Committee meets bi-monthly on the second Wednesday at 10:00 AM.

Member Outreach & Engagement 

Strengthen and promote the CAI Keystone Chapter through personalized mentorship of new members and promoting member retention.  Committee will be responsible for onboarding and orienting new members regarding membership benefits, educational advancement, social and networking opportunities, while maintaining the CAI brand and accomplishing the mission of the organization. Committee meets monthly on the first Monday at 1:00 PM.

P.U.L.S.E. Committee – Professionals United to Lead, Serve & Engage

CAI’s P.U.L.S.E committee is for young(er) professionals in the industry. This new committee is intended to give young professionals who are new to the industry opportunities for networking, mentoring, and engaging with the industry and organization at large. Committee meets monthly on the first Friday at 11:00 AM.

Regional Councils

Because of the large geographic expanse of our chapter, the board has established various regional councils tasked with guiding the chapter’s educational programming and outreach efforts in specific regional areas, including:

Central PA Regional Council

(Lancaster-York-Harrisburg area)

Generally meets in conjunction with council programs on a quarterly basis at location in the Lancaster or Harrisburg area.

New Jersey Regional Council

(Camden, Gloucester, Salem and parts of Burlington Counties)

Committee meets bi-monthly either on the first Wednesday at 9:30 AM or immediately prior to or following a council program.

Pocono Mountains Regional Council

(Allentown to Scranton and everything in between. Includes the Lehigh Valley)

Committee meets before or after each Poconos and Lehigh Valley program on site at the program location.