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Increase your visibility with a broad membership audience across three states.

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See What You’ll Discover When You Partner With CAI

Connect with a broad and diverse network of members across three states. Meet and build relationships with elected association leaders, management companies and community association managers. Promote your organization to decision makers.

The chapter’s Premier Partner Program is launched in October for the following year, and is the main vehicle for business partners and management companies to advertise in CAI publications and to reach members by sponsoring CAI programs and events. Please be sure to review our chapter policy on Program Sponsors as well as the Terms and Conditions of Sponsorship and Advertising Agreement. Contact Gabby Grimes for more information or to become a sponsor.

Please note – we attempt to keep the prospectus updated with items marked as sold out but at times there will be sold out items that are not yet marked on the brochure. If you select something that is sold out, staff will work with you to find a suitable alternative.

2022 Chapter Calendar

Download or print a copy of the chapter calendar for 2022. Please note all dates are tentative until they appear on the chapter website calendar. All dates are subject to change.

Diamond Platinum Gold
Minimum Investment $10,000 $6,000 $3,500
Website Recognition Logo, website, company contact Logo and website link Company Name
Magazine Recognition Logo and website Logo Company Name
Resource Guide Recognition Logo Logo Company Name
Expo Program Book Logo Logo Company Name
Resource Guide & Digital Directory Highlighted Listing Yes with logo Yes with logo -
New Member Welcome Kit & Email Recognition Yes Yes -
Homepage Recognition Yes - -

The above partnership benefits are in addition to the benefits derived from the event sponsorships and advertising each partner selects from the a la carte menu contained in the Premier Partner Sponsorship Prospectus.

In addition to advertising and major event sponsorships, CAI offers various virtual and digital advertising and sponsorship opportunities listed below. For a complete list of all advertising and sponsorship opportunities presented by the chapter, click on the above link to download / print the Premier Partner Sponsorship Prospectus.

Email Advertising
Member Resource Guide
Digital Advertising

Print & Digital Media Advertising & Sponsorship

If your target audience includes decision makers in community associations, advertising with CAI is the best option for reaching this target audience. CAI offers multiple advertising venues.

  • Advertising in CAI’s Membership Directory is a benefit reserved for members only! Not a member? Join today!
  • Click here for the Advertising Rate & Spec Sheet. Don’t delay. The deadline to insert an ad in the 2022 Directory is January 31, 2022.
  • Click here to purchase your ad via the online store. Be sure you are logged in to receive member pricing.
  • Distributed to approximately 2,000 members in PA, NJ and DE
  • Managers/association board members refer to the directory regularly when looking for business/service providers
  • Our targeted audience delivers your message to decision makers in community associations
  • Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to place your ad in front of CAI’s membership
  • Purchase additional listings under a second or third category that describes your business for just or a highlighted listing with your company logo. Click here for the list of available business categories.

Business Partner Members – log in and verify your contact information for the resource guide. The resource guide is prepared beginning in February, so be sure to verify your organization’s contact information and primary contact is correct.

Digital Advertising

CAI offers multiple avenues for digital and email advertising. Traffic to the CAI website hit record levels in 2021 and new information and events keep visitors coming back on a regular basis. In addition to website and email advertising, CAI offers various digital sponsorship products including:

  • Advertising on CAI sponsored videos – include your 30 second commercial attached to a CAI sponsored video
  • Podcasts – buy a podcast commercial or sponsor our Whine on Wednesday Podcast Series. Podcasts typically accrue 200+ downloads over time
  • Sponsored Educational Content – sponsor a white paper, how to guide, or sponsored blog post that CAI will share with the membership.

Click here to buy one of the above digital sponsorships, or email Gabby Grimes for more information.

Email Advertising

Whether is a banner ad in the monthly Minute email newsletter or seasonal InSeason email newsletter, or a Business Partner Spotlight, your email ad will reach thousands of email addresses on the CAI list, with an open rate of between 20% and 30%.

Click here to buy an email ad, or email Gabby Grimes for more information.

For a complete overview of advertising opportunities, download the Premier Partner Sponsorship Prospectus above.

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