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Increase your visibility with a broad membership audience across three states.

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Out of this World Promotional Opportunities With CAI

CAI Keystone Premier Partners are afforded unique opportunities, including:

  • Connect with a broad and diverse network of members across three states
  • Meet and build relationships with elected association leaders, management companies and community association managers
  • Promote your organization to decision makers.

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Book a 30 minute virtual meeting to discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities for 2023! Click here to book a meeting with a member of the chapter staff.

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Advertising & Sponsor Opportunities for 2023

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Click Explore Now above for the complete 2023 advertising and sponsorship opportunities, including specific information to help you make your investment decisions, including website traffic, membership information, specific event sponsor benefits, and more. The order form will be enabled on September 12, 2023 according to the schedule above.

Check out the video for a preview of changes for 2023 as well as an overview of the new webpages where we are presenting all of the 2023 advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and an overview of the new online ordering form. 

Please note – we attempt to keep the advertising and sponsorship pages updated with items marked as sold out but at times there will be sold out items that are not yet marked on the webpages and order form. If you select something that is sold out, staff will work with you to find a suitable alternative.

2023 Chapter Calendar

View the tentative calendar of events for 2023. The calendar for 2023 was updated on October 31, 2022. Please note all dates are tentative until they appear on the chapter website calendar. All dates are subject to change.

Management Company Specific Premier Partner Packages

For management companies only who want to support the mission of CAI while also receiving promotional benefits of advertising and sponsorship. CAI Keystone offers two pre-built packages for management companies that include homeowner program sponsorship, homeowner email advertising, participation in a Management Company Career Fair during the chapter Annual Conference, and more! Click the Explore Now graphic above for full details and pricing.

Diamond Platinum Gold
Minimum Investment $10,000 $6,000 $4,000
Website Recognition Logo, website, company contact Logo and website link Company Name
Magazine Recognition Logo and website Logo Company Name
Resource Guide Recognition Logo Logo Company Name
Expo Program Book Logo Logo Company Name
Resource Guide & Digital Directory Highlighted Listing Yes with logo Yes with logo -
Exclusive Pre-Sale Exhibit Booth Selection Period for Annual Conference & Expo Yes Yes Yes
New Member Welcome Kit & Email Recognition Yes Yes -
Homepage Recognition Yes - -
Thought Leadership Video Yes - -
Digital Ad and Social Media Shout Out Yes - -
Complimentary registrations to the Doing Business with Managers Panel & Happy Hour Two - -
Complimentary registrations to the ICAM Day + 40 Under 40 Event One - -
Complimentary Member Resource Guide Additional Category Listing Two - -

Additional Diamond Partner Benefits

Thought Leadership Video – Diamond Partners are invited to have an expert at your organization record a short video, three to four minutes long, on a trending topic with information and advice for members. These videos will be branded by CAI, posted to the chapter website and shared with the membership. Diamond Partners are also encouraged to post the videos to your site and link back to the CAI website.

Digital Ad and Social Media Shout Out – CAI will create a digital ad for Diamond Partners and post it, with a link to your website, in the Member Community and on Social Media.

The above partnership benefits are in addition to the benefits derived from the event sponsorships and advertising each partner selects from the a la carte menu contained in the Premier Partner Sponsorship Prospectus.

The Premier Partner Program is launched in the Fall for the following year, and is the main vehicle for business partners and management companies to advertise in CAI publications and to reach members by sponsoring CAI programs and events. Please be sure to review our chapter policy on Program Sponsors as well as the Terms and Conditions of Sponsorship and Advertising Agreement. Contact Gabby Grimes for more information.

When purchasing sponsorship and / or advertising from CAI Keystone, the purchaser agrees to the following terms and conditions:

The Sponsor has agreed to Sponsor an event(s)/activity, or activities, or advertising, of the Keystone CAI. CAI has agreed to provide the Sponsor and/or Advertiser with the benefits set out in the sponsorship or advertising brochure, which becomes part of this Agreement.

“Sponsorship Fee” means the fee set out in the Sponsorship Brochure.

“Advertising Fee” means the fee set out in the Sponsorship Brochure or Advertising Rate Sheet.

“Sponsorship Brochure” means the Sponsorship Package as presented by CAI.

“Advertising Rate Sheet” means the schedule of advertising fees as presented by CAI.

The Sponsor will pay CAI the Sponsorship Fee. CAI will issue an invoice for the Sponsorship Fee to the Sponsor at the time the Sponsor agrees to purchase the sponsorship, unless payment is received with the sponsor order. The Sponsor must pay the Sponsorship Fee within 30 days of the date of the invoice from CAI regardless of the date of the event(s) being sponsored.

The Advertiser will pay CAI the Advertising Fee. CAI will issue an invoice for the Advertising Fee to the Advertiser at the time the Advertiser agrees to purchase the advertising, unless payment is received with the advertising order. The Advertiser must pay the Advertising Fee within 30 days of the date of the invoice from CAI. All advertising fees must be paid prior to the fulfillment of the advertisement.

4.1 For any invoices that remain unpaid on the due date, a reminder invoice/second notice shall be mailed to the advertiser/sponsor.

4.2 If payment is not received within thirty (30) days after the due date, a finance charge of 1% per month shall be applied to the outstanding balance.

4.3 Any member who is sixty days or more past due on the payment of any financial obligation owed to the Chapter may be deemed a member not in good standing under Article III Section 5 of the chapter’s bylaws and the member’s voting privilege, eligibility for any Chapter awards and participation in Chapter events (which shall include, but is not limited to, committee membership, speaker’s bureau membership, speaking opportunities, sponsorship, advertising, booth selection, membership directory listings or other opportunities offered by the Chapter) may be suspended by the board of directors until payment in full is received by the Chapter.

4.4 The chapter executive director shall review all accounts receivable on a monthly basis and if, after consultation with the executive committee, there are sums which should be referred for collection, the matter shall be placed on the agenda for consideration by the board of directors. All accounts unpaid after ninety (90) days of the due date shall be considered a delinquent account and included in a report to the executive committee. Any attorney fees associated with collection of an unpaid balance, and interest, shall be added to the total amount due.

5.1 In consideration of the payment of the Sponsorship Fee by the Sponsor, CAI grants the Sponsor the non-exclusive sponsorship benefits contained within the Sponsorship package.

5.2 The Sponsor will act at all times in a manner which is consistent with the good name, goodwill and reputation of CAI.

5.3 CAI is responsible for administration of the event/activity and coordinating all details in relation to the venue/online space at which such events/activities are held.

5.4 CAI may cancel or postpone any event at its discretion in which case CAI will endeavor to, but not be obligated to, replace the cancelled event or replicate the event in a new format, but no refund will be made.

5.5 The Sponsor must keep confidential and not use for any other purpose other than the performance of this agreement and must not disclose any information provided by CAI to the Sponsor which is identified as, by its nature is or would be reasonably considered as confidential.

5.6 Nothing in this agreement creates any relationship of employment, agency or partnership. This agreement contains the entire agreement and may only be varied in writing. A waiver of an obligation by a party is not a waiver of any other obligation.

6.1 The Sponsor will provide CAI with a copy of its logo or trademark in the form required by CAI for the purposes of this Agreement. CAI will only use any logo or trademark provided by the Sponsor for the purposes of this Agreement.

6.2 The Sponsor warrants that it has full power and authority to provide its logo or trademark as provided to CAI under this Agreement.

6.3 The Sponsor agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified CAI against any claims, actions, liabilities, losses, demands, suits, proceedings, damages, expenses or costs arising out of or in respect of the proper use by CAI of the Sponsor’s logo or trademark under this Agreement, including but not limited to any claims in respect of any infringement of any third party intellectual property rights.

6.4 Nothing in this Agreement constitutes a grant or creates to or in favor of a party any goodwill or proprietary right in or relation to the other party or any of the other party’s intellectual property, including but not limited to the other party’s logo or trademarks.

6.5 Each party agrees not to take any action which may damage the validity or value of the other party’s name, corporate logo or other identifying mark in connection with performance of this agreement.

7.1 CAI may terminate this Agreement immediately on written notice to the Sponsor or Advertiser, if the Sponsor or Advertiser fails to pay the Sponsorship Fee to CAI in accordance with the payment provisions of this Agreement;

7.2 If the Sponsor or Advertiser fails to pay the sponsorship or advertising fees, CAI reserves the right to re-direct any payments received for other purposes to the outstanding invoice and to cancel purchased and paid-for items that have yet to be fulfilled by CAI.

7.3 Either party may terminate this Agreement if:
the other party commits a breach of any provision of this Agreement and such breach is not rectified within 7 days after receipt of written notice from the first party requiring the breach to be remedied; one party commits any act or behaves in any manner, which in the reasonable opinion of the other party, brings the first party into disrepute; or one party becomes or threatens to become, or in the reasonable opinion of the other party is in jeopardy of becoming, subject to any form of insolvency administration.

7.4 The Sponsor will not be entitled to any refund of the Sponsorship Fee if the Sponsor terminates this Agreement other than in accordance with clause 7.3.

Email Advertising
Member Resource Guide
Digital Advertising

2023 Member Resource Guide Advertising

If your target audience includes decision makers in community associations, advertising with CAI is the best option for reaching this target audience. CAI offers multiple advertising venues.

  • Advertising in CAI’s Membership Directory is a benefit reserved for members only! Not a member? Join today!
  • Click here for print advertising opportunities, including in the Member Resource Guide. Don’t delay. The deadline to insert an ad in the 2023 Directory is January 31, 2023.
  • Distributed to approximately 1,950 members in PA, NJ and DE
  • Managers/association board members refer to the directory regularly when looking for business/service providers
  • Our targeted audience delivers your message to decision makers in community associations
  • Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to place your ad in front of CAI’s membership
  • Purchase additional listings under a second or third category that describes your business for just or a highlighted listing with your company logo. Click here for the list of available business categories.
  • Click here for our print advertising technical specifications.

Business Partner Members – log in and verify your contact information for the resource guide. The resource guide is prepared beginning in January, so be sure to verify your organization’s contact information and primary contact is correct.

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