Frequently asked questions about membership in CAI.

The Foundation for Community Association Research provides authoritative research and analysis on community association trends, issues and operations. Learn more. The easiest and quickest way to join is to complete the membership application online and pay the membership dues via credit card. To join online, visit this link. You can also join by printing a membership application from the above link and mailing it with payment to the address on the application. All membership dues should be sent to the CAI headquarters in Falls Church, VA.

CAI members have access to practical knowledge and insights from leaders in the field, best practices, research, and tools you can use every day in this rapidly changing industry. We provide information, resources, and education programs to help you keep current on the latest news, laws, and issues affecting community associations, condominiums, and cooperatives, and the homeowners who call them home. As a CAI member, you'll also get a membership to your local chapter – the Keystone Chapter – and a network of industry colleagues—over 40,000 of them in 64 chapters worldwide.​

CAI offers additional membership options, including Multi-Chapter, Public Official, and National Corporate categories. For information and how to join in one of these categories, visit this link.

This membership is reserved for students enrolled in an accredited university or college and provides access to the latest industry information and resources to help prepare them for a future career. Visit the student membership page for more information. Annual membership dues are $35.