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Post & Comment in the Keystone Member Community

When’s the last time you signed in to the CAI Keystone Connect Member Community and posted or responded to another member’s post?

If your response is “What is the CAI Keystone Connect Member Community”, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised!

Most members are familiar with the CAI Exchange, a member community hosted on the CAI national website. That online message board is very active, with thousands of posts, uploaded documents and templates, and dozens of daily responses from CAI members across the globe. As I write this, I see recent posts about property insurance and deductibles, a Texas board allegedly not following their bylaws, and a question from a Seattle HOA on selling common element property to a homeowner.

Keystone Connect is a more local version of the Exchange. Members can log in to the community, post a question and other members can respond with helpful feedback. It is a great way to connect online with your fellow members right here in the Keystone Chapter.  

We haven’t done a really good job of letting members know about this great feature of your membership. Which is why I am not surprised that there is limited activity in the community!

Check it out today! Many members have questions that they need help solving. Post in the community and see what kind of response you receive.

The video below will guide you in how to find the forum, create a new post, and subscribe to updates.

Happy posting!