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Finding Peace in Chaos

Ciearra Neidigh, CMCA, AMS | CCR Management, INC.

As an ice breaker, I always ask other professionals when their busy season is. Over the last few years, I’ve received mostly the same answer regardless of profession: it is always busy.  Staying busy is wonderful for profits and productivity, but it can be tough on the hardworking people trying to do it all. The answer to combating busy careers isn’t to run yourself into the ground trying to do it all but to protect your peace and fight burnout.  Easier said than done? Here are some tips:

Set Boundaries
Turn your email notifications off. It is an easy swipe in the settings of your phone but sometimes it is vital for your mental health. If you already have trouble sleeping, turn the notifications off earlier in the evening so you aren’t upset or distracted by a late-night email. Going to a family birthday party? Turn it off. You aren’t really helping anyone if you answer an email distracted, upset, or without all the proper information.

Learn to say No
No is a complete sentence. Your time and energy are precious, by saying yes to everything you won’t have time or space to do the things you really want to do. Be selective in your choices so that you can give your full attention and energy to the things you do say yes to. The next time someone asks you to do something that you just do not have time for, think of someone else better suited for that task that you can recommend. Focus on what you are good at and give other people the same opportunity. 

Don’t give up your hobbies
You are busy, we get it! But don’t neglect the hobbies that bring you joy. Hobbies can also help clear your mind and help keep your attitude positive. Focusing on things that bring us joy helps to prevent burnout and ultimately helps us through more stressful times. It also gives you something to talk about at parties or during your next CAI networking event.  



Ciearra Neigidgh, CMCA, AMS has been a professional community manager for  roughly ten years. She has been with CCR Management for 4 years.  She can be contacted via email at: ciearrab@ccrmanagement.com