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Call Governor Wolf: Tell Him To Sign SB 1282

In a series of swift votes on Wednesday night, the legislature gave final approval to Senate Bill 1282, which eliminates excessive fees for the recording of Amendments to Declarations for community associations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

After four months of hearings and legislative maneuverings, the state House of Representatives, on the last voting day of the session, brought the Bill to a final vote early this evening. The House voted 177-13 to adopt the Bill. The Bill then went back to the Senate for a vote of concurrence. Despite a strong 48-2 vote in favor of the Bill in June, many senators changed their votes and voted no on concurrence. The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds Association called every single State Senator minutes before the final vote and fed them the same misleading arguments against the Bill that we have been refuting for weeks. Unfortunately, this misinformation campaign worked, to an extent, and we lost the support of many State Senators. Despite this last minute caving in to the special interests trying to defeat this Bill, the Senate concurred with amendments and the Bill was adopted 29 to 18.  

The Bill will now be sent to Governor Tom Wolf and CAI will actively advocate for the Governor to sign the Bill. Your help is needed once again. We cannot allow the special interests to convince the Governor to veto this Bill. Governor Wolf needs to hear from you ASAP. Please call the Governor’s office at 717-787-2500 and indicate your support for the Bill. Urge Governor Wolf to sign Senate Bill 1282. 

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA LAC) thanks all members who participated in this effort by calling or emailing legislators to express support, speaking about the Bill with neighbors and homeowners in your communities, and supporting the efforts of the LAC with a financial contribution to help move this effort forward. CAI will report back once the Governor has taken action on the Bill.

As the legislative session winds to a close, it is important that we note what a successful session this was for community associations in Pennsylvania. CAI’s PA LAC saw three Bills adopted by the legislature, two of which have already been signed into law. PA LAC will issue a more detailed report in the coming weeks regarding other legislation that is pending at this time. 

Finally, as the LAC meets in the coming weeks to plot a strategy for the new legislative session that begins in January, please consider a financial donation from your community to the LAC to help us continue to successfully advocate on your behalf. Click here for more information on how you can support the efforts of CAI’s PA Legislative Action Committee. CAI appreciates the support from all those members who have contributed a donation to the LAC this year.