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Legislative Action Committee Heads to Harrisburg

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee will spend the day at the State Capitol in Harrisburg on Monday, April 16 advocating for issues important to community associations. The annual Legislative Day at the Capitol brings about two dozens CAI members together to meet with state legislators and work to build support for legislation favored by CAI.

In addition to various Bills that have been pending for the last year, the LAC will be discussing the following issues with legislators:

PA LAC Supports the Service Animal Integrity Act

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee supports new legislation, introduced by Representative Dan Moul of Adams County on February 2, that would provide a community association or a landlord who has received a request from a person to make exceptions to the landlord’s policy prohibiting animals or otherwise placing restrictions on animals because the person requires the use of an assistance animal or service animal, the right to request documentation of the disability. CAI successfully pushed an amendment to add association governed communities to the original legislation. The amended Bill was unanimously reported out of the House Urban Affairs Committee and awaits further votes. Monday. Read more on this legislation

Omnibus Amendments to Title 68

Amendments to the statutes governing common interest ownership communities in the Commonwealth proposed in 2017 by PA LAC are all intended to clarify existing provisions of the Acts and enhance the overall administration and governance of our community associations. As currently proposed, these amendments relate to five (5) specific sections within each of the Acts and three (3) pertain just to the UPCA. Specifically, they address the powers of the association; the conveyance and encumbrance of common elements; the release of liens from real estate to be conveyed to the association; the declarant’s warranty against structural defects; the definition of, and disclosure requirements for, common facilities; and the contents of a recorded declaration. The proposed amendments are designed to be entirely consistent with the statutory scheme already put in place by our Legislature and the consumer protection policies and purposes embodied in the Acts. Click here to read a broader explanation of this bill and information on its progress.

Solar Energy, Political Signs and more

Legislation is currently pending in the Pennsylvania state legislature that would impact various aspects of community association governance. PA LAC is currently tracking the following Bills introduced in the current session:

  • House Bill 1336 – Permits the display of political signs up to 30 days before and 48 hours after a general election, superseding homeowners’ association by-laws.
  • Senate Bill 1039 – Prevents homeowners’ associations from prohibiting the installation of solar panels and solar energy systems on freestanding homes within their communities.

CAI continues to support legislation that would provide financial assurance for the owners of private dams to meet the financial obligations imposed under the Dam Safety and Encroachment Act. This is a critical issue for many community associations in rural parts of Pennsylvania. For a full list of legislation pending in the state legislature that CAI’s PA LAC is tracking, visit our website at this link.

PA LAC Needs Your Support

CAI’s Legislative Action Committees are funded by member’s contributions. The cost of government advocacy and representation in the state capitol represents over 80% of the LAC budget. Your contributions are critical to helping the LAC fulfill its advocacy mission, communicate with members and policy makers, and retain the services of professionals who help CAI shape the debate concerning issues important to our members.

Business Partners – please consider sponsoring the LAC to help fund our efforts in Harrisburg.

Managers and Community Associations – please consider a donation from your communities to support the LAC’s ongoing advocacy efforts.

Click here to make a donation to the LAC now! Choose your level of support – $10, $25, $50 or another amount.