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Legislative Alert: HB1795 Scheduled for Vote

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee has been monitoring the progress of House Bill 1795 since it was introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2021. The Bill, authored by Representative Rosemary Brown, proposes reforms to voting procedures in community associations. The LAC has been informed that the Bill is likely to come to a final vote in the House this month.

CAI opposes this legislation in its current iteration because we believe that the legislation would, if adopted, have a significant negative impact on voting and elections within Pennsylvania’s community associations. However, the LAC is working with Representative Brown so that if the Bill is voted out of the PA House, we will be in a position to amend/revise the Bill before it gets to a vote in the PA Senate.  

The LAC is grateful to have Representative Brown’s support as it relates to alleviating our concerns about the Bill and the LAC will diligently work to try and make the Bill sustainable for community associations while also seeking to accomplish the underlying goals Representative Brown has set forth for this legislation. 

The LAC will continue to monitor the progress of the Bill and keep members advised.

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