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Legislative Alert Private Roadways & Community Associations

The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors is supporting legislation which would amend the Private Road Act. House Bill 523 was introduced in earlier this year and a drafting error would have caused havoc for homeowners and their community associations with private roads. Were it not for the active work of members of CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee at the State Capitol on Monday, September 23, 2019, the Bill may have passed without an amendment fixing the language to exempt community associations from this Bill.

The legislation was introduced because of difficulty completing some property sales involving homes along private roads where private agreements for maintenance of the roadway do not exist.  Unfortunately, in the drafting process, community associations were accidentally included in the legislation, when they were intended to be excluded. With only one day before a crucial committee vote, PA LAC delegates, who were attending previously scheduled meetings in Harrisburg to advocate for Senate Bill 802 and the transparency of data on community associations, were able to confer with legislative committee staff and organize a quick meeting with representatives of the Realtors Association to draft language specifically excluding common interest ownership communities, as defined in PA Title 68, from the provisions of House Bill 523. Without this amendment, the funding and maintenance of private roads within a community association in Pennsylvania would have been turned upside down. 

This is the work that is routinely conducted by CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee. Much of it is behind the scenes, but it is crucial to the stability and proper governance of community associations in the Commonwealth. Special thanks to LAC delegates Steven Sugarman, Esq., CCAL, Marshal Granor, Esq., CCAL, Eileen Ghen, Ian Wilson, CMCA, AMS, Carl Weiner, Esq., CCAL and Stefan Richter, Esq., CCAL, along with chapter Executive Director Tony Campisi, who spend the day in Harrisburg on September 23rd meeting with House and Senate members to advocate for our members’ best interests.

Chip in today to ensure we can continue to prevent harmful legislation in the future. The work of the LAC is nearly 100% funded by contributions from members. Your support is critical to making sure the LAC is able to continue strong advocacy on your behalf.

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