NJ Legislative Update

CAI’s New Jersey Legislative Action Committee (NJ LAC) has been hard at work this Spring on several issues important to community associations in the state. 

One Bill, which has seen some legislative action recently, has to do with election reform in community associations. Multiple bills have been introduced over the years addressing election-related issues. Current legislation (Bill A4091) is supported by the NJ LAC and enhances resident voting rights. This bill would require an association to conduct its annual election in accordance with the requirements of its governing documents, unless the documents conflict with the language included in the proposed bill. In addition, the proposed legislation contains language requiring an election be held at least every 2 years, setting forth the process for solicitation of candidates for the Board and permitting the sending of electronic notices of an election, among other issues. This bill has been amended twice thus far on the Assembly floor after being voted out of committee this past December.

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