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The LAC Has Your Back. Do You Have Theirs?

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA-LAC) works on behalf of the approximately 2 million residents who live in 10,000 community associations in the commonwealth – guarding against intrusive and harmful legislative efforts, advancing the interests of common interest communities within Pennsylvania, and educating state and local lawmakers about the unique nature of the places we call home. 

Legislative Priorities for 2016 

In 2016, PA-LAC is working to pass various pieces of legislation that will impact almost every community association in the state. That legislation includes Bills to reign in skyrocketing Recorder of Deeds fees and to provide relief to community associations facing burdensome regulations and fees for their privately-owned dams. House Bill 1101 was introduced in 2015 and a companion Bill is expected to be introduced in May in the State Senate. A hearing on this issue will be held in Bucks County in June.

House Bill 1712, The Private Dam Financial Assurance Program and the Private Dam Financial Assurance Fund passed the state House of Representatives on February 8, 2016 and is awaiting a hearing in the State Senate. The LAC is also working hard to amend House Bill 1774, legislation which would open up virtually every complaint within a Pennsylvania Community Association to investigation by the Office of Attorney General. While the LAC supports the intent and concept of this legislation, the LAC continues to work with the prime sponsor on amendments to address CAI’s serious concerns about the scope of the Bill. Representatives of the LAC testified on this Bill at a House Urban Affairs Committee hearing on April 20, 2016 in the Poconos.

Recent Legislative Accomplishments

Within the last year, the LAC has successfully moved legislation to the Governor’s desk which fixed the serious conflict created among statutes as a result of the court case known as Shaffer v. Zoning Hearing Board of Chanceford Township. After a five year legislative effort by of PA LAC, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bills 687 & 688 into law on July 10, 2015.

In addition, House Bill 1340 was adopted unanimously in the House on June 30, 2015 and by the Senate Urban Affairs & Housing Committee on September 28, 2015. The Bill is awaiting a final floor vote in the Senate. The legislation will ensure that community associations are not affected negatively by a recent U.S. Court of Appeals decision and new federal mortgage underwriting guidelines. April 25 Update: House Bill 1340 was approved unanimously in the Senate on April 6, 2016 and signed into law by Governor Wolf on April 20, 2016. 

Back the LAC

To accomplish these goals and remain vigilant on your behalf, PA LAC need the support of our business partner, management company, and, especially, our community association members to help fund our efforts.

PA LAC is addressing the most important issues facing community associations in the Commonwealth. We’ve got your back. Do you have ours? 

Join our Back the LAC Campaign and help fund the important advocacy work of CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee. 

See who’s already a member of the LAC Honor Roll. Thank you to these communities, management companies and business partners who support our advocacy mission. 

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