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House Fires & Your Pets: How To Save Your Furry Friends

by Robyn Colajezzi, Director Commercial Marketing
SERVPRO of Germantown, Upper Bucks, Pennypack/Bustleton
Robyn@148Response.com Robyn@148Response.com

A fire is everyone’s worst nightmare. Many families will have a fire protocol, just in case, with emergency evacuation routes of the home, meet up points, even emergency kits for their families. The dark truth to the matter is that 40,000 pets die each year in house fires. By being prepared, you can help lower this statistic and help save our furry friends’ lives. Here are some tips to help you prepare for an emergency.

Get Pet Alert Stickers:

These stickers can alert rescue workers that there are pets inside your home. These stickers include species and number of pets. Many first responders look for these stickers and treat your four-legged family just like they would humans. They are often equipped with pet-friendly oxygen masks that can save your pet’s life.

Make a PET Emergency Kit:

Assemble a portable emergency kit with enough supplies to last 7 days. The kit should include the following:

  • Veterinary Records including proof of rabies and other vaccinations
  • List of all medications including prescriptions for quick refill
  • Microchip information
  • Proof of ownership and license information
  • Leashes, collars, and harnesses with ID
  • For small or exotic pets, collapsible cardboard pet carriers
  • Current photos in case they are lost
  • Toys, treats, and other comforts of home including pet beds
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Directions for care if you are incapacitated or injured
  • Bowls
  • Food and water for 7 days, including a can-opener for wet food.

Arrange a Safe Haven:

Make arrangements before an emergency for a place for your pets to stay if you aren’t able to get back into your home. Many shelters will not allow pets so setting this up ahead of time will save lots of worries.

At SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, Emergency Preparedness is our #1 goal in dealing with disasters. If a disaster does strike, we are there to help. From boarding up and securing your home or business, to 24/7 fire and water restoration. We are your neighbors, your friends, and we love all pets! Be Safe! Be Smart! Be Prepared!

For more information, please visit: https://www.servproupperbucks.com 
or call: 215.536.7989.