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Messy Dog Park? Don’t Let It Ruin Your Summer!

Dogs are man’s best friend, or so the saying goes. For centuries dogs have shared many things with their human companions – service, labor, compassion…and their waste. For as long as humans have had dogs, they have cleaned up after them, but when artificial turf is involved, cleaning can be a bit more complicated.

Many business owners have selected to use artificial turf in their pet runs and backyard spaces. However, earlier application processes didn’t take into account the drainage and maintenance that would be required to keep these spaces fresh and sanitary. Advances in artificial turf technology has made it possible to mitigate bacteria, mold, mildew, and even odors, but even with these advances, it is important to give these areas adequate cleaning and maintenance attention.

Develop a Turf Cleaning Plan
When developing a cleaning plan for your pet areas, consider how the area is being used. Take into consideration how many pets are using the area, whether it is an area where only pets play or whether kids play in the same area, even how much dust or dirt is in the area. Regardless of the use, periodic deep cleaning will be essential for maintaining the look and cleanliness of the surface. All turf areas used by pets will need regular cleaning, in addition to occasional deep cleaning.

Regular, Routine Cleaning
Best practice is to clean turf every week, especially if it gets heavy use or has significant debris accumulation such as leaves. Larger debris and waste can be removed with a brush or rate and a light rinse can remove smaller debris and dust. However, if pets are using the surface to relieve themselves, you need to consider additional cleaning. To prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the area odor-free, you need to pay extra attention to these areas. Spot cleaning must be done, and turf deodorizing can be an effective addition.

In addition to weekly maintenance, it is best to do a more comprehensive cleaning monthly or every few months if your area gets less frequent use. This type of cleaning not only helps prevent bacteria growth and odor, but also helps maintain the structural integrity of the turf.

Comprehensive, Deep Cleaning
Bacteria is a huge threat to artificial turn. It can lead to odors, but also to the breakdown of the surface and other issues. Proper maintenance of turf can help ensure that it stays in good shape over time and your investment will last longer. Deep cleaning by professionals often involves the use of a brush to remove debris and dust from the surface while improving the look and feel of the area.

Let a Professional Handle the Work
Trained, professional cleaning services are able to clean and deodorize your pet areas to keep them germ and odor free. A reputable cleaning service will remove the dirt, disinfect the area with an animal-safe disinfectant, and deodorize the area to not just remove odors, but to help keep them from returning. Search for a company that is trained and certified to offer the best advice for cleaning and maintaining your pet areas. Some will have a licensed architect on staff to ensure your pet areas are draining correctly and address any issues for a long-term fix so you’re resolving the problem and not just masking it.

Michael Vennitti, EBP is a founder of Fresh Foam, a specialty commercial cleaning company that cleans and deodorizes trash chutes, compactors, elevators, carpets, dog parks and more. For more information, visit Fresh Foam online at: https://freshfoam.com/. Contact Michael via email at: michael@freshfoam.com.