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Spring Cleanup Checklist

Early spring is a great time to assess your buildings and grounds for winter damage and wear and to do a spring cleanup.

Here is a checklist to help:

• Pest Management – Have your buildings sprayed for problem pests. Follow proper IPM protocols. Identify any issues that attract pests and address.

• Windows – Clean both exterior and interior of windows to take advantage of natural light. Ensure staff are trained in safe use of ladders.

• Mechanical Light Timers – Adjust mechanical light timers at start of Daylight Savings Time (Sunday, March 10). Follow lock out tag out procedures.

• Gutters / Drains – Clear gutters/drains of all clogs and debris and inspect for any winter damage.  

• Landscape – Clear property of tree, leaf and litter debris and prune damaged trees.

• Parking Lots – Inspect catch basins/drains for clogs and paving/curb conditions for damage. Seal and re-stripe as needed. Pressure wash walkways and sidewalks.

• Roofs – Have professional inspection done for any winter damage

• HVAC – Perform seasonal pm on all AC units. Inspect, clean, change filters now, so they will cool efficiently when hot weather arrives. Have air ducts cleaned.

• Carpet & Hard Flooring – Refinish hard floors as needed paying attention to any build-up. Shampoo and deodorize carpets as needed. 

• Small Wear & Tear – Inspect door components, tile/grout, light switches/face plates, ceiling tiles, countertops, shelving, cabinets/hinges, and schedule annual fire extinguisher inspections.

• Restrooms – Conduct a deep cleaning by sanitizing all restroom surfaces, fixtures, and floors. Inspect doors, mirrors and fixtures.  

• General – Review all employee safety training procedures.

This post courtesy of BELFOR Property Restoration


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