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Podcast: Greenery & Scenery: Regulating Holiday Decorations

Welcome to this episode of Community Matters podcast, where we discuss issues important to managing and governing condos, cooperatives and homeowner associations.

It’s the holiday season! Homeowners across the region are busy decorating their homes with lights, displays, inflatables and all sorts of other holiday decorations. Some of these displays are very classy and elegant and some…..maybe not so much! So can a community association implement some rules that govern holiday decorations and displays? We’ll find out in this episode of Community Matters podcast with guests Barbara Saxton, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, a community manager with The Galman Group, and a member of the chapter Board of Directors, and Neil Hilkert, an attorney with Reidenbach and Associates. Barb and Neil are both members of the chapter’s Communications & Content Committee. 

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Hew HOA Holiday Guide from CAI

The holiday season is here. Many homeowners associations may choose to develop holiday and religious display guidelines that are easy for residents to follow and simple to enforce. Have a happy holiday with these tips.

Read more and download a copy of the HOA Holiday Guide.