Podcast: The Value of Virtual Marketing

Welcome to this edition of Community Matters podcast, where we discuss issues important to managing and governing condos, cooperatives and homeowner associations.

With this episode, we’re expanding our podcast beyond the issues of managing and governing community associations. This new mini-series of episodes focuses on our business partner members and how they are marketing themselves in the new, virtual world we’ve all existed in since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll be talking with various business partner members about best practices for marketing in a virtual world, how to make the best of virtual events and how to make connections and new contacts without the in-person networking events that we were so dependent on in the time known as BC – before Covid.

This episode features two special guests – Sean McCabe, with Servpro of Upper Bucks, is the chair of the CAI Business Partners Council, and Michael Vennitti is with FreshFoam and is a member of the Business Partners Council.

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