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Parking Lot Maintenance: What Type of Sealer Should You Apply?

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SPONSORED POST Warmer weather inevitably leads us to think about Spring & Summer maintenance projects, including when to apply a sealer to parking lots in your communities. The industry standard product for commercial parking lot sealer up until the past 10 years was a coal tar emulsion sealer. The base material is refined coal tar which […]

Ice Dams: Danger From Above

ice dam forms on house exterior

Jacki Weston Silveri, CDMP, PCM | Eastern Diversified Services Prior to my employment at Eastern Diversified Services (EDS), I had the misfortune of incurring an ice dam at my own home. Until that day, I’d never even heard of an ice dam! Three of my children and I were enjoying a game of Monopoly and […]

Is Your Electrical Panel a Fire Hazard?

I have often said that one of my most important jobs as a manager is to protect my associations. That includes my boards, the buildings, and the residents. I can’t police my properties 24/7, but I can be mindful of possible hazards, and eliminate as many as possible. An insurance inspection at one of my […]

Ask the Experts: Fresh Foam

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Ever wonder how often a high rise building should clean those trash chutes? Find out in this episode of Ask the Experts, with Michael Vennitti of Fresh Foam.