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Management Executive Retreat

Learn from and network with your colleagues in the fast-growing world of community association management.

CAI Keystone’s 2022 Management Executive Retreat

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Join your management company and large scale community manager colleagues at this one-of-a-kind executive education program for CEOs, Senior Executives in community association management companies and large scale community  managers.

Alliance Association Bank A Division of Western Alliance Bank, Member FDIC

The inaugural Management Company Executive Retreat, presented by Alliance Association Bank, will take place on Monday and Tuesday, September 12-13, 2022 at Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA. For complete details, including sessions and speakers, hotel information, and how to register, visit this link. 

Sessions & Speakers

In 2020, the Foundation for Community Association Research identified a potential crisis in the community association housing model—a shortage of candidates to fill community association manager job opportunities. Through the work of Foundation and Community Associations Institute (CAI) volunteer leadership, the Foundation embarked upon research to better understand the extent of the crisis and to create tools to help management companies and communities increase the pipeline of community association managers today and tomorrow.

This session will present the research foundation’s key findings on the following:

  • The scope and extent of the need to increase the pipeline of community association managers, and to help inform efforts to find, recruit, mentor, and position community managers for success in their careers. 
  • Provide insights on recruitment appeals, key benefits, work motivations, and potential obstacles to job satisfaction
  • Prepare those responsible for hiring qualified candidates to offer a rewarding, meaningful, and competitive profession that also benefits the community associations they serve.

Presented by Caroline Record, Esq., Hill Wallack, Immediate Past President, The Foundation for Community Association Research

Roundtable Discussion

This session will be followed by Roundtable Discussions on Attracting Talent to Community Association Management, from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM. 



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Dianne P. Manges, CFA, Director, Senior Investment Advisor
Truist Foundations & Endowments Specialty Practice

Dianne is a Senior Investment Advisor with the Foundations and Endowments Specialty Practice. Her role is to advise on the development and implementation of investment strategies to help nonprofit clients meet their short and long-term goals. In accomplishing that role, she follows a disciplined team-centered process of assessing an organization’s financial situation, determines risk tolerance, and forms and executes an appropriate investment strategy along with regular
portfolio rebalancing to obtain measurable results for our clients.

In her 30-plus-year career, Dianne has held senior positions including senior portfolio manager and director of fixed income and has sat on intra-firm investment committees. She has also authored regular economic and market commentaries for clients and teammates.

Dianne holds the Chartered Financial Analyst ® (CFA) designation and earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Immaculata University where she graduated summa cum laude and was awarded the top medal in the Economics program.

Panelists include:
Marcus Mayo, CEO of Continuum Companies
Gus Rubbo, CCR Management
Jared Tunnell, National Cooperative Bank

A buyer, a seller and a banker walk into a bar...

But seriously...there's been a lot of consolidation in the community association management industry recently. Are you thinking of selling? Buying? Or are you just interested in finding out more about this recent trend of consolidation? Join this panel discussion to learn more, including:

  • How to gain the most value for your company
  • What to know about the process
  • Why systems and culture are key

Session info pending

If there is one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that we need to pivot to survive. In retrospect it forced us to make changes to our business that perhaps we should have made years ago. This keynote presentation will focus on examples of how businesses found the opportunity in turmoil and not just survived but thrived. The session will include a process and exercise that the audience will participate in to find those opportunities within their own business.


Nick Gianoulis began his company after experiencing firsthand the enhanced culture and business results of fun during his 20-year corporate management tenure with a company that embraced a “work hard, play hard” culture.  the model he believes so passionately in is fully outlined in the book he co-authored, Playing It Forward (Fun Dept. 2015).

His company has delivered more fun in the workplace than any other company in the world, creating brief, consistent and engaging activities into the corporate culture for long term sustainable results.  In 2017 The Fun Dept. partnered with Delivering Happiness, the leading culture experts borne out of the Zappos culture and best selling book. in 2018 Gianoulis created Break Box, a custom product solution to help employees live and sustain company values.

Learn more and see a video of Nick speaking here.

Kyle will deliver an engaging presentation on the benefits of listening and storytelling within community associations as a way to deepen connections among community managers, residents, HOA board members, builders and business partners.

This engaging session will allow attendees to share a glimpse into your own stories as a way to connect further with fellow attendees. The goal of this session is to energize attendees before leaving the retreat by helping you dig deeper to discover why the work you do is so important for you personally, for your companies and for the communities you serve.


Twenty-five years of sharing the news in local television led Kyle West to become a storyteller, a wordsmith, who thrives on listening deeply to others and telling their story. When we hear those profound stories, we share them with others and become more aware of what is going on all around us.

When I was on an assignment to tell a story about young people overcoming great challenges, one teenager approached me and said, “Why are you here? Why do you care?” He later apologized for being abrupt, and we had a great conversation. It occurred to me that what I was doing, earnestly listening to him, was something he maybe never experienced. By being heard, he felt understood and appreciated.

There are so many great stories to share, but first, we need to listen to each other.

That is what I love to do.

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CAI National CEO-MC Retreat

CAI’s national office hosts the CEO-MC Retreat every Fall. Visit the national website for full details of this year’s retreat.