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Survey Says: Members Weigh in on CAI in The Covid-19 ERA

CAI conducted a member survey during the late May to early June time period, as most of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware began to ease restrictions related to the pandemic. One hundred and seventy five members of the chapter responded to the survey, and we wanted to share some of the results with the membership.

The survey sought feedback and opinions from members not only related to the current pandemic, but on CAI in general.

In addition to the graphs and charts that follow below, we asked about the resources, programming and information that CAI provided to help members navigate the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in currently.
Here’s a sampling of comments directly from the surveys regarding the pandemic resources that CAI has offered to members:

Homeowner Leader from Southeast PA: The articles and webinars have been on point. The CAI Open Forum Digest is regular morning reading. Both are appreciated.

Homeowner Leader from the Lehigh Valley: The recommended announcements have been well thought out, well timed, and helpful.

Manager from Southeast PA: I have to applaud the efforts of CAI to keep our industry informed, and connect us with others to work through this.

Manager from Central PA: Lots of good content, clearly stated.

Manager from Southeast PA: Really great job with keeping members informed with pertinent and timely information.

Management Company Executive from Southeast PA: There are several excellent resources available on line. CAI has done an amazing job of keeping us informed and has provided great materials, guiding us through unknown territory.

Homeowner Leader from Southeast PA: The information has been useful. But from an overall perspective, and not the fault of CAI, it’s been overwhelming when factoring in the information provided from everyone, including CAI, business partners and other organizations. I could spend all day every day just attending webinars on how Associations should manage their way through the crisis.

This last comment, in particular, has been very revealing, and helpful. I, too, am overwhelmed with the amount of information that I have received from various sources on how to navigate this crisis, how to protect employees and work spaces, how to host virtual events, and a hundred other pandemic related topics. Quite frankly, its been exhausting. Which is why we’ve scaled back a bit in recent weeks, and why we are pivoting to a return to our normal educational programs, while also continuing to work in some topics related to the current situation.

Another interesting question on our survey had to do with virtual events. The survey revealed that an overwhelming number of our members feel comfortable participating in virtual events. That’s a good sign, since we plan to continue to host virtual and hybrid events even when we are past the Covid-19 pandemic.

More specifically, we asked about members interest in hosting virtual chat sessions similar to the coffee breaks we’ve been hosting from time to time to give members a chance to chat, ask questions and learn from each other in an informal setting.

When asked if you would be interested in attending a future virtual coffee chat, even post-pandemic, here’s how homeowner leaders and managers responded:

  • Homeowner Leaders – 55% stated you would be interested in attending a future virtual coffee chat
  • Managers – 70% of managers expressed the same interest.

This will help CAI as we plan for 2021 and beyond.

Here are graphic representations of the feedback we received on various questions related to Covid-19 and chapter activities.

Q: Return to In Person Events

Response options in the charts below:

  • Within one month (Green bar)
  • Within three months (Blue bar)
  • Within six months (Yellow bar)
  • Within one year (Teal bar)
  • I may never again feel comfortable attending in person events (Orange bar)

Business Partners:



Q: Feelings about CAI During the Pandemic

Responses in order on the graphs below:

  • CAI has provided relevant and useful information that we could not receive elsewhere. (Green bar)
  • CAI has not provided relevant and useful information. (Blue bar)
  • CAI has provided too much information. It is overwhelming. (Yellow bar)

Managers – 95% stated CAI has provided valuable and relevant information.

Homeowners – 92% stated CAI has provided valuable and relevant information.

Business Partners Recovery Expectations

Response Options in the graph below:

  • We are already functioning at normal activity (Green bar)
  • Within the next 3-6 months (Blue bar)
  • Within the next 6 months to 1 year (Yellow bar)
  • More than one year from now (Teal bar)
  • We may not survive the current situation

If your business has been significantly affected by the current situation, when do you believe your company might return to normal activity?

Thankfully, no business partners who completed this survey stated they may not survive. We hope that’s true for all of our business partner members during this difficult time.

Expectations for In Person Event Protocols

Finally, we asked members what safety protocols you expect to see when we return to hosting in person events. Here are the response options in the graphs below:

  • Knowing the meeting venue is properly cleaned and maintained (Green bar)
  • Knowing that social distancing will still be enforced at the venue / meeting. (Blue bar)
  • Knowing businesses that typically deal with large numbers of people, like restaurants, shopping malls and theaters, are back in operation. (Pink bar)
  • Having on site health monitoring, like temperature checks, available (Tan bar)
  • Having hand sanitizer and / or sanitizing wipes available throughout the venue (Yellow bar)
  • Having attendees and employees of the venue wear masks at all times (Purple bar)
  • Tightly controlling the number of attendees allowed at the venue / meeting. Teal bar)
  • Knowing a vaccine or successful treatment exists for Coronavirus (Orange bar)
  • None of these – I already feel comfortable attending CAI events in person (Red bar)


Which of the following will have the most impact on your decision to attend CAI events in person after any Covid-19 restrictions in your area have come to an end? Please select all that apply.


Which of the following will have the most impact on your decision to attend CAI events in person after any Covid-19 restrictions in your area have come to an end? Please select all that apply.

Business Partners:

Which of the following will have the most impact on your decision to attend CAI events in person after any Covid-19 restrictions in your area have come to an end? Please select all that apply.

While there are some differences above, what is clear is that CAI will take all necessary precautions to provide for the health and safety of members at in person events. These precautions will be outlined on event pages.

We appreciate the time each of you took to fill out this survey and provide us with this important feedback.

Tony Campisi
Executive Director
Contact me at tony@cai-padelval.org