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Tales of an Emerging Leader Under 40

When I began my career in community management in 2017 as an assistant, I was a member of Community Associations Institute (CAI), but engagement was not heavily encouraged for on-site staff. I was not involved and never went to any events. Five years later, after being promoted to community manager in 2021, I had more autonomy to shape my own engagement. At this point, my career path changed course, taking a turn for the better as I became more active in CAI.

Community Live! CAI Keystone’s trade show was the first CAI event I attended; I was hooked after that. There was so much to learn and so many connections to be made with business partners and other industry professionals. I started attending educational events and soaked up information like a sponge, amazed at how much there was to learn. At networking events, I met service providers, several of whom my communities later contracted. My boards would certainly attest that CAI Keystone involvement has helped refine my management abilities. I’ve always had the skillset, but CAI Keystone has helped me improve and grow as a community manager.

In 2023, I was deeply honored to be nominated for the Emerging Leaders Under 40 award. While I have always aimed to do impactful work for my company and community, I never expected such prestigious recognition. Receiving this award bolstered my confidence and pride, inspiring me to reach even higher goals. In the year since, I was offered a job with a larger company, providing ample opportunities for career growth. I am eternally grateful to CAI Keystone for fostering an uplifting community that encourages excellence among industry professionals.

If you work with someone under the age of forty that you think qualifies as a CAI Keystone Emerging Leader Under 40, take it from me, it’s a tremendous honor to be nominated and a great thrill to be recognized. Learn more about the eligibility requirements, nominations, qualifications, and judging and make a nomination at www.caikeystone.org/member-services/get-involved/cai-emerging-leaders-under-40. You could make someone’s day and help them take the next step in their career!

Sarah K. Hash is a community manager with Taylor Management Company. Sarah was named to the inaugural class of CAI Keystone’s Emerging Leaders Under 40 in 2023 and was also runner-up for the chapter’s Rookie of the Year Excellence Award. Sarah is a member of CAI Keystone’s Communications & Content Committee. She can be contacted via email at: shash@taylormgt.com.

CAI Keystone’s Emerging Leaders Under 40 celebrates the unique and passionate leadership of talented young leaders in the chapter, gives them a professional boost to increase their impact and recognizes them as the future leaders of the industry. Each year our honorees join a growing alumni network of inspiring professional leaders in the world of community associations and receive ongoing opportunities to network, grow professionally, and promote their achievements. Learn more and make a nomination at: https://caikeystone.org/member-services/get-involved/cai-emerging-leaders-under-40/. Nominations are due by April 15!